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Ted Talks for impactful minds

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Golden Circle

In this famous Ted Talk (one of the most watched in the world), the speaker Simon Sinek makes an analysis of success stories and what motivated them to become great.

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Puzzle of Motivacion

Dan Pink deconstructs a mental puzzle about motivation, and through real-life tests we get to understand what motivates people to take action.

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How to sound smart

A hilarious talk of just 5 minutes shows us the necessary and proven oratory skills that make us sound brilliant.

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How to build a company

How do you build a company so that the best ideas win? Ray Dalio argues that radical transparency helps this process and innovation.

Biographies of entrepreneurs who changed the world

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Elon Musk Biography

Elon Musk, confounder of SpaceX, Tesla and Neurolink, is one of the richest men in the world and one of the most innovative minds.

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Steve Jobs Biography

Get to know the story and the mind of Steve Jobs, who is considered by many to be the best entrepreneur ever.

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Mark Zuck Biography

Mark Zuckerberg, from Harvard dormitories to the creation of one of the world’s largest companies, Facebook. 

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Bill Gates Biography

A genius of logic, Bill Gates, and his stubborn personality made him co-create a computer empire, Microsoft.

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Jeff Bezos Biography

The story behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. It started out as a site to sell books online in the 1990s.

Interviews you have to watch

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Steve Wozniaki | Apple

In this interview with Steve Wozniaki, co-creator of Apple, he talks about the beginning of the company and how it grew.

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Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in this brilliant interview talk about their companies (Apple & Microsof) and their eternal rivalry. 

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The Last Interview

This was the last interview Steve Jobs gave before he died 1 year later in 2011. An amazing mind

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Elon Musk about Future

Elon Musk discusses his project to slow down traffic, the future of Tesla, and his motivation to explore Mars.

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Decentralized Finances

The father of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, Vitalik Buterin, takes the stage to talk about the usefulness of decentralized finance. 

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The SoftBank CEO

Soft Bank is the fund that all startups dream of attracting. They invest more money than all the others. See what their CEO has to say.

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WeWork cofounder & ex-Ceo

He started a company from scratch and made it worth billions. In this interview Adam Neumann explains the challenges that led him to leave the company.

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Mark Cuban, the big shark

The story of how Cuban grew his company to be worth billions, the secrets that make him successful entrepreneur and his vision about cryptocurrencies.

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Failure doesn't matter.

Vinod Khosla, venture capitalist, he says “Try and fail, but don’t stop trying”. He also explains the importance of beliefs to succeed.

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The challenges of Netflix

Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix talks about the history of the company and the challenges they have faced over time.

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Jack Ma & Elon Musk

Debate between Jack Ma (Alibaba) and Elon Musk (Tesla) about Artificial Intelligence, its usefulness and the associated obstacles.

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Mark Zuck & Gary Vee

A discussion between Gary Vee and Mark Zuckerberg about the Metaverse, Web3, and the impact it will have on our lives.

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Tony Robbins beliefs

In this interview, the famous coach Tony Robbins talks about the characteristics of the most successful people in the world.

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Think Outside the BOX

A conversation of entrepreneurs, with Kevin Rose and Elon Musk about agile ways to innovate and think “outside the box”.

Series that innovators love

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Rivalry between Jobs and Gates

In this episode of Genius, presented by Nat Geo, they discuss the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the beginning of their entrepreneurial careers.

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The first atomic bomb

Two geniuses in physics, Robert Oppenheimer and Werner Heisenberg who fight for the creation of the first atomic bomb during the second world war. 

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Building Electrecity

Without these two brilliant inventors, electricity as we know it today would not be possible. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, in the pursuit of electrecity.

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The first newspapers

Newspapers defined the way we access information, in this episode William Hearst VS Joseph Pulitzer create journalism as we know it today.

Inspirational and empowered women´s

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Time to take action

Malala, in this video, at the age of 17, he makes a inspiration speech at the award of the nobel peace prize. The youngest ever to win this award.

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Oprah with Michelle Obama

In this interview, these powerful women talk about life, self development and how to ‘go high’ when others are going low.

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The power of introverts

Susan Cain in this passionate Ted Talk, show the introverts bring extraordinary skills and talents to the world and should be encouraged and recognised.

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Gestures can also speak

In this famous Ted Talk, Amy Cuddy , Psychologist teaches how to present power poses and a confident posture even in uncomfortable situations.

The best speeches ever

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The best speache of Steve Jobs

A must-see lecture given by Steve Jobs (Apple’s Cocreator) in 2005. A speech that will never be forgotten and that had an impact on millions of people.

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For different results, different actions

A life advice that can change the future of any person. A dose of motivation and reality, using real cases to demonstrate that life is much more than what we think in our daily lives.

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Success is not luck, but persistence

When we think that success is luck, that great innovations get great results right away, in this lecture, Mark Zuckerberg (Cocreator of Facebook) proves that this is not so.

New videos, every week

It´s food for your brain

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain e NFTs

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Mark Cuban Exposes & Crypto

The famous investor shows his view on the current cryptocurrency market and some of the projects he invests in and believes in.

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What are Non Fungible Tokens

A great talk for anyone who wants to learn about NFTs, what they are for and where they can be used, and also today’s most valuable collections.

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Talking about NFTs

In this conversation the famous Youtuber, Logan Paul, talks about his vision of NFTs and why he thinks this technology will change the world in the near future.

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The Bored Ape Yacht Club

Get to know the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most valuable collections of NFTs and features celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Neymar, Paris Hilton among others.

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The future of Ethereum

In this conference, the founder of Ethereum discusses the development of this crypto asset. Here comes the long-awaited innovations.

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The influence of Web3

Web3 is the new trendy name for the decentralized web. Know what it is about and the projects in the area. James Beck speaking.

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CZ (Binance) and Vitalik (ETH)

A relaxed conversation with the 2 best-known founders of the crypto industry. Together, they generate millions in this new economy.

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Regulating cryptocurrencies

A war between regulators, governments, banks with cryptocurrency exchanges. Have they not understood what this is all about?

New videos in crypto space

Get to know how cryptocurrencies work in 10 minutes or less! Learning Content 📚

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What is a Coin and Token?

One is a digital currency, the other is also a digital currency… But they are created in different ways and for different purposes. This video help you to understand

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What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

We can understand that a wallet is for storing money, but how does a digital wallet work? Find out in this video.

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What is a Blockchain?

It almost looks like science fiction but with this animated video you will understand in a simple way what Blockchain is and how it can change the world.

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What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token, also known as a NFT, is a type of digital token or asset. A common analogy is to think of these as digital trading cards or digital art.

Create a Successful Startup with the best incubator

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How to build a Startup

The founder of the world’s most famous incubator, Y Combinator, from which startups such as Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, and others have emerged, talks about how to create a successful startup.

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The Pitch

In this video you will learn the essential content to present a startup, how to create a pitch so that everyone understands what you want to pitch. 

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The challenges of Facebook

The founder of Facebook talks about the challenges he felt when he started the project that at first was only to connect students from a college in the USA. 

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Your Startup Potential

These are the strategies and concepts to evaluate the potential of a startup and how its founders should think about what they are creating. 


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Nfts & Music = Money

Steve Aoki tells stories with Kanye West; Vin Disel; Lady Gaga and about making more money with Nfts than Music.

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The Glovo story

Many people order food from GLOVO, but few know its history. Co-founder Oscar Pierre talks about its journey.

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Where to invest in 2022

Do you know where to invest in 2022? Find out where you can invest. Fixed Income, Stocks, Real Estate Funds, Cryptocurrencies and more.

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Musk, Cannabis, Business

Have you ever seen Elon Musk smoking cannabis and talking business at the same time? You can’t miss this interview.

New category 🔮

Reality Shows for business minds

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Unicorn Hunters

Here entrepreneurs will present their businesses to famouse investors to become the next unicorn startups. Check out the first episode of thise serie.

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Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

They have 60 seconds to take the jury’s attention. After 60 seconds the projects are voted to enter or leave with empty handed. Watch the first episode.

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Primo Startups

The famous brasilian entrepreneur known´s as Primo Rico has his investment show where entrepreneurs will present their ideas to receive investment.

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Shark Tank Top 3 biggest deals

The title says everything. See the biggest deals ever made in the history of the famous investment program. Shark Tank!

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